Be a rebellion soldier, take a part of secret mission. Overcome threats and fight against Empire!

Exclusive props & Videos

Meet the live R2-D2, breath taking sized X-Wing and Tie fighter and captured AT-ACT. Also you can see exclusive videos only can be seen in this show.

Fly with X-wing

Have you ever sit on X-Wing's cockpit? You can even fire photon torpedo of X-Wing!

Rebel, save the Galaxy!

A great battle lies ahead of us, I will not pretend this is a battle that will be easily won. These are desperate times. Our forces are outnumbered and the situation is critical, but if we do not prevail, if we do not triumph over this evil, we lose more than a battle, we lose - everything.

We have hope. Rebellions are built on hope. The Empire can not, MUST NOT, SUCCEED! Victory must be ours.

I call upon you now to join us. Only together as one can we stop the Empire and save the Galaxy!